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All changes of the MITOS algorithm or changes to the website that influence the outcome of MITOS are listed here. Changes solely to the website are not listed.

If you want to include the revision number while citing MITOS you can safely use the latest listed below.
2017-06-16 (6b33f95)
  • added missing column in gff output, switch to git (git)
2017-02-08 (revision 942)
  • bugfix tRNA anticodon was actually the codon in table, bed, and gff
2015-03-31 (revision 656)
  • Added the JobID to the email header for easier identification in the inbox
2015-01-02 (revision 605)
  • Allow multi fasta input
2014-06-18 (revision 526)
  • Added FAA output and anticodon position in the result file contained in the raw data.
2014-04-28 (revision 481)
  • Bugfix: technical error in clipping
2014-01-23 (revision 448)
  • Bugfix: TBL (formerly called sequin) output was 0 based
2013-09-29 (revision 364)
  • Added "Status and Statistics" page.
  • Small bugfixes
2013-05-28 (revision 342)
  • Added job settings page & legend of the figure indicates what MITOS was searching for
  • Added ncRNA plot & improved protein plot
  • Determine and list missing, duplicated, or non-standard genes
  • Jobs with deleted results can be restarted
2013-03-12 (revision 293)
  • Bugfix: "Cutoff" was parsed such that values smaller X (instead of X% of the maximum) were discarded
2013-03-06 (revision 291)
  • In order to prevent errors due to line breaks in the MITOS results email MITOS uses now much shorter job IDs.
  • Improved error messages in case of invalid access to the results page
2013-02-10 (revision 281)
  • Bugfix: "Fragment Overlap" and "Maximum Overlap" have been passed to MITOS 100x to large (as a consequence arbitrary overlaps of protein coding genes were possible)
  • Empty FASTA header caused a bug in MITOS (now set to NoName)
2013-01-17 (revision 272)
  • Bugfix: start and end improvement for proteins was called twice for features consisting of a single part
2013-01-03 (revision 259)
  • Bugfix: Identification of parts did not work (all parts have been identified as different copies).
  • MITOS revision is shown on the bottom with link to the changelog.
2012-12-15 (revision 247)
  • Invalid fasta files give a suitable error message.
2012-12-07 (revision 240)
  • Unicode in names and file names is now correctly handled.
2012-11-29 (revision 236)
  • Bugfix: glocal search mode was also executed for tRNAs (which slowed MITOS down).
2012-11-27 (revision 234)
  • Bugfix: rRNAs were reported with wrong name (trn12s and trn16s).