MITOS (webserver) is dead - long live MITOS 🤙

MITOS and MITOS2 are now available as
  • Galaxy tool (our recommendation for most users) and
  • command line application (for power users with Linux experience).
In order to make switching as easy as possible we provide tutorial videos for both cases.

Feel free to contact us in case of problems/questions by mail (mitos (at) bioinf (dot) uni-leipzig (dot) de) or open an issue in the MITOS source code repository

Using MITOS on

Using MITOS on the command line (conda/containers)

In our opinion for most MITOS users the Galaxy platform is the way to go. At the moment there are Besides this the MITOS Galaxy tool can be installed in any Galaxy (for instance, any of the national usegalaxy instances which may provide more resources for you).
One big advantage of the Galaxy platform is that it integrates a wide variety of bioinformatics tools. Interesting for mitochondrial data are for instance getorganelle, mitobim, and plasmidspades.
If you want to learn more about Galaxy check out the Galaxy training network, The Galaxy community help forum, or The Galaxy community hub.

The command line option is only suggested for power users with experience with Linux.

Background: Why the MITOS service can't be provided as a web-service anymore:
  • The current implementation of the webserver had serious security issues
  • The webserver part of MITOS needs to be ported to python 3
  • Maintenance of the webserver consumed quite a bit of time
Citation: M. Bernt, A. Donath, F. Jühling, F. Externbrink, C. Florentz, G. Fritzsch, J. Pütz, M. Middendorf, P. F. Stadler
MITOS: Improved de novo Metazoan Mitochondrial Genome Annotation
Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution 2013, 69(2):313-319 link